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WELCOME to Turkey's First International Ecocriticism Conference

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We invite you to join us at Turkey's first international conference on "The Future of Ecocriticism: New Horizons," which will take place at Limak Limra Hotel, in Kemer Antalya, November 4-6, 2009. The conference will focus on exploring new horizons in the interdisciplinary field of ecocritical studies. Since its inception in the early 1990s, ecocriticism has proliferated from the study of American nature writers into a highly diverse and interdisciplinary field encompassing a wide variety of literary genres, cultural and literary theories, as well as drawing upon the social and the natural sciences. As organizers of this conference working in the Humanities our main objective is to contribute in effective ways to new formulations of possible solutions concerning the global ecological crisis.

Ecocritics today work on many projects with an emphatic focus on the welfare of ecosystems, employing ecophilosophy, environmental ethics, evolutionary biology, eco-psychology, ecology, and other related disciplines, and emphasize the importance of literary studies in affecting an urgent transformation in our conceptual systems. Hence our conference on ecocriticism--an umbrella term with its diverse topics such as those that we have included in our CFP--will be the arena for the participants to introduce new horizons in ecocritical studies.

Since many countries, ranging from Canada to China, to Australia, have now successfully organized such conferences on ecocriticism and/or related topics, we have decided to include Turkey--a bridge between continents and cultures--among them, in the hopes of attracting a broad range of ecocritical work across different theoretical orientations, environmental views, and geographical regions. Our main objective is to introduce the Turkish dimension into the field, as well as to enable fruitful dialogue between our perspectives and the American and international work done in the field.


Serpil Oppermann Nevin Özkan Ufuk Özdağ Elis Yıldırım
Hacettepe University Ankara University Hacettepe University Ankara University